Obesity problem in the US and ways to solve it


We’ve have watched a recent President’s speech (and we bet you have too), where he had mentioned that one of the biggest priorities is to cure cancer and very soon America will become a country to solve this problem once and forever.

Here’s just a quick excerpt from his latest speech about this:

According to the stats he gives, cancer is the reason for around 500k deaths nationwide throughout a year.

We, at Pavatar, totally agree with the above, but would also like you to have a look on the entire thing from a bit diffrent perspective. Obesity is causing a comparable amount of deaths – 300k a year.

The good news, it is much more easier to solve this issue. Bad news, people will need to become aware of good eating habits and follow rules that may seem rather strict for them. Good news again, it’s not that expensive to lose weigh, this website reviewing HCG drops proves this and provides a few real-life examples. Bad news, again: people will need to draw a clear line between living a healthier and lean lifestyle and healthy eating, workouts, managing their weight.

We can still do so much more to solve this, and it’s nor really that hard! To cure cancer people will need to spend billions of dollars on clinical research and qute a considerable amount of time. From the other side, we know already what to do to fight obesity. Just have a look on this TED talk from UK’s decorated chef Jamie Oliver:

He came from the UK (where excess weight is also a large problem) to help fix this problem in one county/school district, and based on it’s example, scale it nationwide. Here’s a link to his Food Revolution initiative.

It’s great that many thought leaders are now focusing their efforts on the issue, but unfortunately, we’re seeing zero to none initiative from the federal government. One of the reasons can be strong corporate lobby that makes it harder for the game-changing bills to pass.